Four Pillars - Doctors, Nutritionists, Dermatologists, and Trainers – form the core of our Plan execution. Our goal is to help you diagnose and treat untreated medical issues that could harm your health if left untreated. By shifting your habits into discipline, our assistance will empower you physically, psychologically, emotionally, and medically.


What you eat has a big impact on how much you can get out of your workouts. The meal plans at Nutri Box have been transformed into a science-based programme. There is a lot on your plate when it comes to eating healthily but deciding which is best for you is a difficult task. Nutri Box understands this dilemma and has expertise on board to help you. We walk you through the process of dietary benefits based on your anatomy and provide a handhold for creating good eating habits.

Vision & Mission

We at friendzbox aspire to provide individuals with fitness and to empower everyone, regardless of age or gender, to have correct health information. Authentic knowledge about exercise and nutrition, combined with medical advice, is part of our range of services. we aim to provide high-quality services to help people live healthier lives by improving their lifestyles and assisting in the management of their wellness.