Healthy eating is human activity, and we all have various interest and requirement, which inevitabily affects our food choices

Go smart with your daily meal choices

Offer* @ 1999 999/- INR

*You will get a bespoke diet plan according to your food culture choice.

When it comes to eating healthy, it's your overall food choices that confirm your habits, not just one meal.

what healthy eating means to you may alter as you progress through & you grow and adapt to your ever-changing demands.

If you are too anxious about your weight or preoccupied with food, or if you feel overwhelmed while thinking about maintaining a healthy, guilt-free eating habit, we at FriendzBox happy to help you and plan diet for you.

The way we Work

  • 1 Video conferencing with Nutritionist
  • Detailed diagnosis of your concern
  • Customized diet plan as per your food culture preferences
  • Tailored Diet according to your energy level, wellness level and goals
  • Fortnight Follow up & Gradual changes in Diet
  • Planned calendar / schedule for you to follow for 28 days


Planning or cooking your meal, having fruit within reach, and sticking to a routine are three important things to eat healthy.

Healthy eating includes fuelling your body while also maintaining a healthy relationship with food. As you grow older and your priorities shift, your concept of healthy eating also vary.